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Who’s Your Rock Star? February 9, 2010

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Who’s Your Rock Star?

When I was spending time in the corporate world, I had a friend named Vanessa.  She was a corporate attorney.  When I did my job well, she called me a Rock Star.  Man that felt good. 

The Blue Man Group has a music tour that gave instruction on how to become a rock star.  Man that was fun.

Obviously, being a Rock Star can be a good thing.  And I have a new Rock Star.

My Rock Star is Bob Schrum.  In the small business world around Richmond, Bob Schrum is way better than the Blue Man Group.  As founder and President of Flagstop Car Washes ( he is serious about supporting a vibrant small business community in Chesterfield County.  He gave an inspiring speech at a recent Successful Thinkers meeting.  He went a step farther by supplying several door prized for the event.  And in his speech he said anybody that wanted a book could stop by his office and pick one up.  Great words, and supported with quick action.

So why should you care about your Rock Stars.  I just want to remind you to tell them.  Don’t wait until you have to complain about poor service.  Instead, tell somebody that they are your Rock Star.  Or try Super Star, Genius, Speedmeister, or Hero.  Make somebody’s day and you will accomplish 3 things.  They will feel better, you will feel great and they will work harder for you.  Everybody wants to be a Rock Star.

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